Remote Monitoring System

eNeighbor® remote monitoring enhances care delivery while lowering costs, increasing independence, and improving satisfaction for residents, caregivers and families. It uses state-of-the-art monitoring technology on a scalable Wi-Fi platform to give care providers the power to proactively manage and anticipate residents’ care needs. With eNeighbor, caregivers can automatically detect emergency situations, as well as emerging health concerns before they turn into emergencies. Monitors and sensors combine to meet the specific health needs of a resident, both on campus and in the community. From managing acuity transition points to providing early memory care assistance, eNeighbor helps communities meet care, occupancy and resident satisfaction goals across the continuum of care.



  • Emergency call pendant

  • Custom monitors designed for wandering or missed medication 

  • Custom voice reminders for staff and residents

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) reports to track health and wellness indicators

  • Scalable with vital sign devices

 Image of Remote Monitoring System Diagram

The eNeighbor remote monitoring system uses sensors to track Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The sensors work with Healthsense software to establish the typical levels of daily activity, or a “routine” for each resident. This “routine” becomes the benchmark for establishing when the resident may need assistance without the resident actively needing to ask, check in, push a button, or pull a cord.


  • Manage chronic conditions and health & wellness
  • Keep residents in their preferred living environment, on campus or at home 
  • Easily share system information with care staff through voice and email 
  • Track metrics with detailed reports, including measurement results, graphs,
    and alerts for each resident 
  • Align with current staff work flow for call response
  • Coordinate care with custom reminder calls 
  • Share history of health & wellness indicators with physicians
  • Verify staff compliance for tasks
  • Lower cost of care: proven ROI in PACE programs of over 300%


Earlier identification of changing health conditions reduces hospitalizations and ER visits, lowers the cost of interventions and slows the progression through the continuum of care. Care providers need detailed, accurate and timely information in order to shift from reactive to proactive care. In the past, limited resources often forced care providers to rely on self-reported information or family and caregiver observations. At best, these observations provided a “snapshot” of the resident’s then-current situation. At worst, the observations were inaccurate or incomplete. eNeighbor allows caregivers to make observations earlier, with more complete information, and then to act upon that information quickly. eNeighbor helps identify emerging conditions near the onset to keep a minor issue from becoming an acute incident that could threaten an older adult’s health, wellness, and independence.

“eNeighbor can keep seniors living much longer in their own home. Where ever that may be. It also provides families with peace of mind.”

— Sharon L. Blume,
Director of Family Services and Technology, Kingsway Community Services, Kingsway Retirement Living


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